Our Vision

Why We Started Carbon8

Carbon8 emerged in response to the 2017 NSW/QLD drought, founded by a farmer, an accountant, and an artist. Originating as a solution to the profound impact of drought on rural communities, Carbon8 represented a departure from short-term band-aid approaches, seeking instead the root causes and sustainable, long-term solutions to drought resilience. No sexy KPIs or easy to write impact blurbs - Carbon8 is in it for the long haul and aims to be a major contributor to the regeneration of Country.

Our community warmly embraces primary producers, including family farms, small-holdings, those interested in eco-tourism, and young farmers. As a social fundraising platform, the extent of our impact is directly tied to the generosity of our donors, enabling us to extend crucial support to farmers. Central to our ethos is the recognition that farmers alongside or Elders are integral to our collective future.

Our Dreaming

Our vision is to create Heaven on Earth through the transformative power of regenerative agriculture. Carbon8 tells a story that goes beyond merely improving soil health and eliminating toxic chemicals from our food chain. It is a story of how we, together, can regenerate Country. We partner with farmers to implement regenerative practices that restore threatened ecosystems and protect biodiversity. Through these practices, we not only enhance the resilience of farms to challenges like droughts, floods, and desertification but also promote healthier, more productive environments. Our dream is to highlight the critical importance of biodiversity and demonstrate how large-scale regenerative agriculture can benefit the environment, increase farm productivity, and strengthen our farming communities.

We are committed to conservation and work closely with Indigenous elders to protect the totem animals of Australia, regenerate their habitats, and remove them from the critically endangered list. Through initiatives like National Regenerative Agriculture Day, we aim to heal the heart of the food chain by educating consumers and growers about the importance of stopping the use and consumption of agricultural poisons, and instead, partnering with nature to work in harmony with all living beings.

Start your Legacy

At Carbon8, our mission is to transcend traditional farming practices and environmental concerns by embracing custodianship, spirituality, and sovereignty.