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The 174 endangered species of the nandewar region

NSW Farmers Partner With Biodiversity

Nandewar Project Map

Nandewar NSW Project

Discover the Nandewar Region, a sprawling farming area spanning 2.7 million hectares, where 96% of the land is managed by local landholders, primarily for broadacre and grazing purposes. Despite its agricultural significance, decades of clearing have left the region with only small remnants of nine Critically Endangered or Endangered Ecosystems, home to 174 endangered species. The degradation of land and soil due to farming practices has made conservation efforts on private land an urgent priority for the survival of these ecosystems and species.

Promoting Biodiversity Through Farmer Collaboration

Our initiative partners with farmers to implement regenerative practices that rebuild threatened ecosystems and their species. By integrating regenerative agriculture, we also enhance farmers' resilience to challenges like droughts, floods, and desertification. This project underscores the vital role of biodiversity, demonstrating how large-scale regenerative agriculture benefits both the environment, productivity on the farm and our broader farming communities.

Through mentoring and advocacy programs, farmers acquire essential skills to sustain regenerative land management and biodiversity conservation beyond the project's scope. Join us in protecting the Nandewar Region's biodiversity and promoting sustainable farming for a thriving future.

A Call to Action for Biodiversity

Despite the urgency to conserve ecosystems and adopt regenerative agriculture, there hasn't been enough focus on how these methods can work together within our farming communities. While there is extensive research on both ecosystem conservation and regenerative agriculture individually, the integrated, whole-farm and ecosystem approach remains significantly understudied.

Our project aims to bridge this gap by showing that regenerative agriculture on a whole-property scale benefits both the environment and us as farmers. Through thorough research and hands-on fieldwork, we intend to prove how this integrated approach can protect threatened species and ecosystems, aligning with global conservation efforts to protect diminishing biodiversity, whilst making our farms more profitable, secure and naturally productive.

Partnering with Nature Project Booklet

Partnering with Nature Project Booklet

Pathways for Environmental Improvement

Farmer Practicing Holistic Grazing

Enhancing Landscape Function

We aim to show how regenerative agriculture and ecosystem conservation work together. By using smart management and restoration methods, we improve the health of both threatened ecological areas and productive agricultural lands.

A group of Regenerative Farmers showing off their food

Cultivating Crucial Change

We engage with land managers and their communities to change how they view and practice environmental protection. Our focus is on expanding and improving threatened ecosystems and the species they support through better land management practices.

Farmer holding an umbrella to stop oil being poured onto the patch of green land he and his wife are growing

Advocating for Regenerative Farming

We promote regenerative farming and the protection of endangered ecosystems. By spreading awareness and gaining support, we aim to create a favourable environment for sustainable farming and conservation efforts.

Who can get involved?

Our initiative primarily targets landowners, including commercial, lifestyle, and aspiring farmers, with a secondary focus on the broader community.

We offer educational programs designed to raise awareness and foster a deeper connection with nature. Our methods include community outreach events, interactive field days, peer-to-peer support networks, and personalized coaching sessions. Through these diverse channels, we aim to empower individuals to become dedicated stewards of the land and advocates for sustainable practices.

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