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Embracing Nature

Farmer's have told us that they need help when it comes to farming more regeneratively. Carbon8's purpose is to transition farmers to regenerative agriculture and support them on their journey. The Community of Practice is designed to move farmers through an annual program that includes strategic thinking and planning to help them achieve their farming vision. 

Connect with other land stewards who are passionate about improving the ecological function of their farm. Engage in rich discussions, exchange invaluable insights, and forge connections to help you make the best decisions for your farm. 

Together, we will delve into the heart of regenerative agriculture, discovering innovative techniques and ancient wisdoms that breathe life back into the earth. Join our online Community of Practice and let us support you in regenerating your farm.

An Australian first

Carbon8 has developed an Australian-first program that provides farmers at any stage of their regenerative journey with the resources and support required to move towards verification in recognition for their contribution to regenerating our farms and landscapes.

Regen Rewards

We provide farmers with access to rewards that are tied to the positive outcomes they are producing on farm including Verification. The program also opens additional strategic opportunities such as increased profitability, premium pricing for verified products, access to carbon projects and more.

Strength in Community

Farming can be an isolating gig, sometimes with hundreds of kilometres between you and the next farm. The Community of Practice closes that gap and introduces you to a peers and coaches ready to share their expertise, learnings and successes to help you farm with confidence.

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