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Carbon8 partners with organisations who are committed to making a positive contribution to our environment and passionate about supporting Aussie farmers regenerate our soil.

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Corporate Philanthropic Giving

Standout as leaders in regeneration as returning carbon to the soil quickly positions itself as the number one leading environmental solution to the world's problems. As a financial partner, you will be assisted in aligning your organisation’s goals with the benefits of healing our soil, while raising much-needed funds to support Aussie farmers transition to regenerative agriculture. 


Workplace Employee Initiative

Join our workplace giving initiative, enabling employees to make tax deductible donations to help inspire and enable farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture. Your organisation will have the opportunity to engage with us on The National Regenerative Agriculture Day (Healing the heart of our food chain), have a Carbon8 field day experience on local farms, and support our donor focus groups.


Carbon8 Smart Box

Sponsor our Smart Box - a Program where farmers receive a tool kit of regenerative agriculture books and tools to . A message of support from your organisation will be included in each box sent. This is a flexible way to offer immediate help to farmers, while inspiring them not to give up.


Carbon8 Soil Measuring Kits

You can’t measure what you can’t manage - Working at the backend to make it simple for farmers to have an amazing user is key to success with how we engage with farmers. We have innovated our Carbon8 Measurement Kit which now includes an electric soil probe, penetrometer, water infiltration test and brix metre.

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