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Carbon8 partners with organisations who are committed to making a positive contribution to our environment and passionate about supporting Aussie farmers regenerate our soil.

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Corporate Giving Program

With Australia facing critical species decline and an alarming loss of our beloved animals, including the koala, Platypus and Wombat, urgent action is needed now to protect and preserve our precious Country we call home.  We seek to engage organisations like you who care, where you embark on an engaging journey with us in leveraging the expertise of Indigenous Elders with our Aussie farmers to help preserve our unique biodiversity and impressive natural heritage.


Totem Project

We help address the challenges faced by farmers and Indigenous communities in restoring and protecting country. By matching farmers with the original Totem of the land and implementing regenerative projects specific to that totem, Carbon8 ensures the restoration and sustainability of these vital and critically endangered ecosystems. Through a biodiversity framework aligned with the Original Peoples’ Totems Carbon8 bridges a 250-year gap in history.  This initiative not only restores relationships but also inspires environmental stewardship, cultural preservation and the regeneration of country.


Regenerative Agriculture

By supporting us, you assist in transitioning farmers to Regenerative Agriculture—a transformative journey spanning eight years, focused on sustainability and enhanced soil health. Your contribution to Carbon8 farmers ensures environmental stabilization, removal of toxic chemicals from our food chain, and collaboration between farmers and elders in restoring our precious Country. Join us in setting the national standard for verified regenerative food, leaving behind a legacy your grandchildren will cherish.

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