Contribute to regenerating aussie soil.



Carbon8 would like to thank our fundraising partner, Odonata.  Both partners share a common objective of supporting the community and raising funds for a diverse range of projects designed to enhance Australia’s biodiversity,  raising awareness of the plight of Australia’s native plants, animals and habitats, and by implementing projects to improve our environment and communities.

The impact of your contribution


Transition our Farmers

Your generous contribution empowers farmers to embrace regenerative agriculture, providing them with cutting-edge knowledge and tools to rejuvenate their soil carbon. By supporting this transition, you help create a beautiful future where farming nurtures the environment, enhances biodiversity, and promotes resilience against ecological challenges. Together, we can cultivate a healthier Australia for generations to come.


Save our Totems

Your participation in the program for one year will help us fund regenerative projects on farms which are Totem specific. We will work with farmers to identify and regenerate the totem of their land. If farmers are Custodians of over 60% of Australia's landmass then to take regeneration seriously it has to start on the farm with the animals.


Heal the Heart of our Food Chain

Join us in the mission to heal our food chain. Your support increases soil carbon, creating vibrant, living soils that reduce farmers' dependence on harmful chemicals. This means you can provide your family with nutritious, toxin-free food. With over 1800 toxic agricultural chemicals currently allowed in Australia, your involvement is crucial in driving the change needed to stop this environmental and health crisis.


Get our Animals off the Critically Endangered List

Your contribution helps protect and regenerate Australia's rich biodiversity. By restoring natural habitats and working closely with Indigenous Elders, we aim to safeguard our unique wildlife, including vital insects, bees, and butterflies. Together, we can ensure the survival and thriving of these beautiful native animals, lifting them off the critically endangered list and securing their future.


Support our Water Ways

Your support helps undo the damage inflicted on our oceans, our reefs, rivers, creeks, and lakes by industrial farming. By eliminating harmful chemicals from water runoff, we protect these vital ecosystems and ensure clean, healthy water sources for all living beings. Join us in safeguarding our precious waterways and promoting a healthier environment.


Planting out The Songlines

Your donations aid in the restoration of trees, native vegetation, corridors, and forests, as regenerative farmers integrate nature's benefits back into their farming practices. By supporting these efforts, you help rebuild the natural landscape, fostering biodiversity and creating resilient ecosystems that benefit both the environment and the farming community.