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The Carbon8 Mission

Carbon8 presents a story of Regenerative Agriculture that is more than just fixing the soil and removing toxic chemicals from our food chain. It is instead, the story of how we regenerated Country.

The Carbon8 Story

4 Key Impact AreasFarming

Community of Practice

Carbon8 transitions farmers to regenerative agriculture and supports our Aussie Heroes removing chemicals from Australia’s Food Chain and Waterways.

Get Involved

Join our community of farmers problem solving, knowledge sharing and supporting each other.


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Regenerative Verification

Get rewarded for the great stuff you do on your farm.

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Get verified as a regenerative farmer and join the Aussie heroes producing high nutritional, chemical free food.

Indigenous Wisdom

The Totem Project

We match our Farmers with the original Totem of their land and provide regenerative projects designed to assure that that Totem is once again thriving and protected.

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Become a Custodian of Conservation & help us get our Totem animals off the critically endangered list.


National Regenerative Agriculture Day

Healing the heart of the food-chain.

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Exposes the #SERIOUSDIRT on the chemicals used in our food-chain.

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Leave Behind A


That Continues To Make A Difference

Long After You're Gone

Custodians of Agriculture

Corporate Giving Program

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Australia has THE highest mammal extinction rate in the world.

We are facing critical species decline and an alarming loss of our beloved animals



-97% population

* Since 1850



300 left

* Northern Hairy-Nose Wombat



-22% in habitat

* Since 1990

Urgent action is needed now to protect and preserve the place we all call home.

Corporate Giving

We seek to engage organisations who care about Australia’s future and who would like to achieve real impact.

Prioritise Sustainability and Regeneration. Cultivate Purposeful Culture for a Better Tomorrow. Foster Engagement in Building a Sustainable Legacy, Create Hope and Optimism for a Brighter Future. Appeal to Younger Values for the Next Generation

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Invite from CEO

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“Farmers have custodianship of 61% percent of Australia's Landmass.

Australia has the highest mammal extinction rate in the world. 1800 of our Aussie animals and plants are at risk of extinction. Our Elders are now coming forward and they believe all regeneration must start with the animals.

For these animals to thrive, not just survive, it is an imperative that we regenerate Australian Farmland.

Your contribution as a Custodian of Agriculture will help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture and save our endangered animals.

This is your legacy.”


The Totem Project

We sat with Bundjalung Cultural Elder, Uncle Lewis Walker of Whalubul Country,

and shared our desires to merge our regenerative farmers with the wisdom of
our Original People.

He sat up, turned towards us and
simply stated;

It starts with the Animals...

Aboriginal Flag

All the land on which Australians stand has a Totem Animal

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Each Totem Animal is linked to the thousands of First Nation tribal areas around Australia.

Carbon8 connects Farmers and Elders together to share knowledge on how to protect these sacred animals...

...and connects consumers with their Totem Animal to reconnect us with our animals.

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Quote from Elder

In the sunburnt expanses of Australia, every totem animal
—from the bounding kangaroo to the wise turtle— carries an ancient connection to the land's health.

When these animals thrive, the soil is rich, the rivers flow pure, and the the forests stand tall. Yet, whenever these totem animals struggle and suffer, the land suffers with them. Our People, recognizing this sacred bond, turn to the totem animals for guidance.

Through stories, symbols and listening to country, we learn the land's needs.

Right now, the land needs us to reconnect with our nature and that starts by understanding the totem of your land.

Take Hope
for the Earth’s Ability to Regenerate
has been Vastly Underestimated


Transition to Regen Farming

All Farmers want to leave the land in a better condition than when they found it

Despite following conventional, best practice
our crops and soil health are declining,

the health of the people who eat our food is declining,

and our animals are struggling more than ever before.



Change can be daunting. With Carbon8, you’ll have the support of like-minded farmers on every step of your regenerative journey.


The best regenerative farmers in their field are ready to support you with anything, and offer weekly support and assistance.


Along with mentors, we offer a guided course in regenerative ag to make your farm healthier and your wallet wealthier.

Join the community

Carbon8’s Community of Practice is a place for farmers to learn and share methods of farming that regenerate nature instead of mining from it.

Quote from Founder and Farmer

Starting Carbon8 was my commitment to building a community of farmers to share knowledge and support each other in finding practical, natural solutions to farm management challenges.

Our Community of Practice (COP) serves as a hub where farmers exchange insights and successes, exploring new sciences like soil biology and carbon sequestration.

The result is natural abundance and rewards in financial and generational resilience for farmers embracing regenerative practices.

As consumers experience the vitality of regeneratively grown produce, they will drive the shift away from industrial farming towards rewarding regenerative heroes in our agricultural community.

Nature is a work of art...
Carbon8 invests in real artists because creativity is natural...
and nothing is sustainable unless its beautiful.


The Nature of Nonsense

Carbon8 was born out of the 2017 drought, a critical time that made us question if droughts were an inevitable part of Australia's future.

This led us to discover regenerative agriculture and soil improvement as practical solutions, concepts that were not as widely recognized back then.

Our goal became to demystify regenerative agriculture, moving it from the realm of complex science to mainstream awareness.

We initiated The Art Department, collaborating with artists globally to turn intricate ideas into understandable and engaging visuals, making regenerative agriculture both clear and relatable.

Quote from Creative Director

At its essence, farming is an art form, a living sculpture shaped by the farmer's vision. It is a canvas where every decision moulds the landscape of tomorrow. While agriculture may be reduced to a mere industry at its worst, our mission at Carbon8 is to elevate it to an art form at its best.

Recognizing the inherent beauty of nature, we celebrate the fusion of agriculture and artistry. In this synthesis, we discover that creativity is inherent in the natural world, and diversity emerges as the linchpin for regeneration.

As stewards of the land, we strive to foster a harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment, transcending the dichotomy between industry and creativity.