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Farmers can build topsoil quicker than anyone else on earth!

How it works


Farmers register with Carbon8

Farmers register with Carbon8 and fill in an Expression of Interest. This is a detailed questionaire which provides us with information such as soil type and current farming practices. It helps us to plan the best pathway forward to help the farmer on the journey.


Experts assess each farm

Our Technical Environmental Advisory (TEA) Committee sets out the guidelines for the farmers involvement including soil testing parameters, education pathways and collaborating with regenerative educators as well as assessing farmer registrations.


Initial soil testing conducted

The initial soil tests are collected and the baseline testing and analysis is carried out through an accredited lab. As the farmers are paid on their success in getting carbon back in the soil, the soil testing gives us a starting point with our aim to build soil carbon to 8%.


Carbon8 begins to pay the farmer

The charity contracts directly with the farmer and payments can begin. The contracts are designed so individual farmers needs are met. First payments will be made for soil testing and paid directly to Environmental Analysis Labs (or other preferred labs).


Mentoring and education

Farmers are invited to be a part of a personalised mentor program and education pathway to build maximum success at building carbon levels. Support is provided for implementing holistic management, multi-species cropping, natural sequence farming, etc.


The carbon credit market

As the farmers knowledge grows, we encourage participation in the certified carbon credit market. Participation enables farmers to receive further financial benefit for increasing their soil carbon levels. CARBON8 helps make this often complicated process simple and supported. 

Technical Environmental Advisory Committee

Our TEA committee is a third-party committee of teachers, skilled experts and educators.

Dr Judi Earl
Graham Lancaster
Dr Gundi Rhoades
Mike Mccosker
Charlie Arnott
Will Elrick

Express your interest

Please sign up here if you would like to register as a Carbon8 farmer.