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How it works


Farmers register with Carbon8

Farmers register with Carbon8. We welcome all farmers and land managers in Australia, from commercial broad acre operations to small lifestyle properties along the coast. Diversity helps us to build stability and resilience together.


Smart Book Program

The farmer journey starts with access to the Carbon8 Smart Books Program – a curated library of the leading minds and practices available by farmers for farmers. We believe in books, not bale-outs!


Farm Hand Support

We love continuous learning, and to this end, we are building a network of Carbon8 Farm Hands that will be available to support farmers as independent problem solvers across Australia. Every farm, family, and business is unique. We know that both people and the environment are complex; there is no one recipe for success.


Regenerative Certification

We see certification as a pathway for farmers to be acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work on the land. The intention is that a Carbon8 regenerative tick of approval will drive consumer awareness.


National Regenerative Agriculture Day (NRAD)

NRAD is a united national day to raise awareness around Regenerative Agriculture. This is a movement to heal the heart of our food chain and is celebrated annually on February 14. 


Growing farmer confidence

Charlie Arnott famously said that farmers need to “change the paddock between their ears first”. We empower Aussie farmers, building their confidence to enable them to innovate in the face of challenges.

Technical Environmental Advisory Committee

Our TEA committee is a third-party committee of teachers, skilled experts and educators.

Graeme Lancaster
Kellie Walters
Mike McCosker
Charlie Arnott
Helen Lewis

Express your interest

Please sign up here if you would like to register as a Carbon8 farmer.